Restoring your image and your life.

For over 50 years…

the Henderlite family has made thousands of artificial eyes for patients all over the world.  Southeastern Ocularists, Inc. is an ocularistry practice dedicated to delivering the highest quality, custom fit ocular prosthetics to our patients.  We use the modified impression method along with hand-painted craftsmanship and modern technology to deliver an artificial eye superior in natural appearance and performance.

01. Our Vision

Southeastern Ocularists, Inc. strives to provide our patients with the most natural and comfortable fitting prosthetic eyes possible.  Our craftsmanship and expertise in the field, coupled with our relationship with your ophthalmologist, is extremely important in making that happen.

02. Our Mission

Southeastern Ocularists, Inc., will seek to provide our patients with the highest quality ocular prosthetic service. We will treat every patient with compassion and respect and provide a friendly atmosphere. We will meet these goals through our commitment to continued learning in the care and manufacturing of ocular prosthetics.

03. Our Value

At Southeastern Ocularists, Inc. you are greeted with friendly faces and years of experience in the art of restoring people’s image.  We ensure we can continue to do this by actively participating in the American Society of Ocularists and continuing to learn more about our craft as the years move on.

04. The Ultimate Goal

When it is all said and done, our ultimate goal is to restore image into our patients’ lives and have them walk away with a smile on their face.  We understand how difficult it is to lose an eye and how long the process can be just to get to our office.  We always put our patients first and want our office to be as comfortable and hospitable to you as possible.

Southeastern Ocularists Through the Years...


Henderlite Making an Impact.

Langdon Henderlite, Robert’s uncle, was hired as an apprentice at Galeski Optical in Richmond, VA. He would become the “traveling eye-man” for Galeski in the following years, visiting patients from West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.


Brothers, Working Together.

Robert’s father, Hunter Henderlite, began his apprenticeship with his brother Langdon.  Hunter eventually settles down in Charleston, SC where he opens his own prosthetic eye practice called Hunter Henderlite, Inc.  He runs his artificial eye business with his wife, Sue Henderlite.


A Family Tradition.

In the summer of 1992, persuaded by his father, Robert Henderlite, B.C.O., moved to Charleston, SC to take up the family business of making prosthetic eyes. As an apprentice to his father Robert learned the fine art of creating custom-made ocular prosthetics.


North Carolina Expansion.

In 1993, Robert moved to Charlotte, NC to open his own practice, Southeastern Ocularists, Inc. To better serve the needs of his patients.  The company expanded to include office locations in Winston-Salem, NC and Charleston, SC.  (Winston-Salem office is now closed). Eventually, Robert acquired his fathers business after his stepmother retired.


Up to Our Eyeballs in Work.

Robert Henderlite receives his BCO Certification as business continues to grow for both offices in Mt. Pleasant, SC and Charlotte, NC.


Pumping Up Our Numbers.

Robert Henderlite hires on a new apprentice, Joshua Hrdlick, who is now training to achieve his BCO certification.


Expanding Our Team.

Armon Akhlaghi is hired onto the Southeastern Ocularists, Inc. team and is currently practicing to achieve his BCO Certification.