What We Offer

Our team consists of highly trained professionals committed to excellence in the fitting and making of artificial eyes. We offer state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that assure the highest quality ocular prosthetics available. We will take the time to listen to you, answer all your questions, and give you the personalized care and attention that you have been looking for.

Services Available:
  • Custom artificial eyes (including scleral shells)
  • Motility peg fitting
  • Pre-surgical centering conformers
  • Adjustments (enlargements/reductions/gaze alignments)
  • Polish and resurfacing
  • In-hospital fitting upon physician request
  • Follow-up care
If you have medical coverage, including but not limited to the organizations listed below, you should have benefits for our services. Insurance claims will be filed as a courtesy to our patients. If you do not have medical coverage, we can refer you to agencies that are available to help cover our services.
Insurance Accepted:
  • Medicare
  • NC, SC Medicaid
  • SC BCBS In-Network
  • Other