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How Sickle Cell Anemia Can Affect the Eyes

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Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder caused by an inherited genetic mutation. People with sickle cell develop crescent-shaped red blood cells, resembling a scythe or sickle, when there is reduced oxygen levels. These sickled red blood cells become stiff and do not flow easily through small blood vessels. When the sickle cells block blood flow through the body, extreme pain occurs, due to tissues not receiving enough blood.

Benefits of Wearing a Prosthetic Eye

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Prosthetic_Eye_DiagramProsthetic eyes have many benefits for individuals who wear one (or two!), opposed to wearing an eye patch or nothing at all. Technological advances have made it possible so that a good prosthetic eye looks extremely natural and hard to recognize by appearance. There are many benefits provided by artificial eyes such as proper facial function and one’s physical appearance/self esteem.





Keep Your Prosthesis Properly Cleaned

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Artificial Eyes and Proper CleaningAre you keeping your prosthesis properly cleaned? Keeping the surface of your artificial eye clean will help reduce irritation within your eye socket. How you ask? – Here are a few tips:

1) The best way to clean your prosthesis is with a mild liquid soap or baby shampoo and water.

2) Contact lens cleaners are great for a quick cleaning.

3) NEVER use heavy antibacterial soap or alcohol to clean your prosthesis – this can damage your artificial eye!